First Dates Hotel
Mo-Fr 18:00

Can fashion model Kelly, street cleaner Bruce, personal trainer Joey, Scottish dancer Paddy, eco-geek Finella and sustainable architect Richard find love?

  • Country of originUnited Kingdom
  • Year when published2021
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Architecture student Priti has designs on finding an older rugged man with tattoos.
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Millionaire Delia usually goes for younger guys but is looking for a man her age. Lara meets Bengy.
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It's sizzling in Italy as British singletons head to First Dates Hotel looking for romance.
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Bethany seeks a guy who sees past her glam exterior to find real woman beneath. Shannon, her twin, wants someone a bit older, who she won't have to mother.
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Private chef Georgia meets Nick - who certainly knows his grapes. And history teacher Debbie seeks a romantic knight in shining armour.
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Laker is in search of someone with quite specific skills - will world record-holding hunk Alex fit bill?
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Maroulla wants a man who can make her laugh - does call center manager Giles have what it takes?
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As sun sets on another season of romance, maths student Tom seeks formula for love with philosophy graduate Natalie.
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